About Us

The Showalter Law Firm is one of the leading law firms dealing with copyright and trademark violations. For more than  25 years, business partnerships with many great people have taught us that the basics we live by are the things you value most. Your problem is our mission. We’ll handle your problem as if it were our own.

At Showalter Law Firm, you’ll find an experienced team of professionals who understand that your needs come first – and we’re here to listen.We understand that our knowledge of the law must translate into a successful result for you. Experience has taught us that listening to your needs gives us the insight necessary to design a solution that solves your problem.

When you retain the Showalter Law Firm team, you will find that you are working with a representative that understands that this relationship is about you, your needs, and your success. Our experienced team of attorneys helps clients facing a wide variety of complex legal challenges. We pride ourselves on offering the highest level of serviceto our clients.

Whether opportunity or adversity is the reason you seek counsel, when you come to Showalter Law Firm, you’ll find the knowledge and skill you expect, and the individual client attention you need. Your problem is our mission. We have the experience you deserve.

The Showalter Law firm has assisted numerous clients in registering copyrights and trademarks of all types to protect the clients’ creations.  The Showalter law firm has also gone to Court in the United States federal courts to file suit against infringers of copyrights to recover damages, attorneys’ fees and court costs from infringers.